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  • Sintetizador Digital com filtros analógicos
  • Polifonia de 6 vozes com 22 osciladores seleccionáveis
  • Teclado compacto de 37 teclas com aftertouch
  • 10 efeitos intregados

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Descrição do Produto

Arturia MiniFreak; Algorithmic Synthesizer; 37 velocity sensitive slim keys with aftertouch; 6-voices polyphonic; for each voice two digital sound engines with 22 selectable oscillator modes (Superwave, Wavetable, Karplus Strong, Noise and many more); extended modulation options including FM, ring modulation and cross-modulation of the sound engines; per voice: ADSR envelope, multi-segment envelope/LFO, two LFOs and analog multimode filter (lowpass, bandpass highpass); modulation matrix with 7 sources and 13 destinations; 3 effects-slots (insert or send effect) with 10 available effect-types; performance arpeggiator with ratcheting and random features; step sequencer with 64 steps; intuitive user interface with OLED display and 40 control knobs, encoders and buttons; memory locations for 256 factory presets and 256 user presets; stereo line output (x2 6.3mm jack); line input (6.3mm jack); stereo headphones output (6.3mm jack); sustain pedal input (6.3mm jack); clock input/output and reset output (3.5mm jack); MIDI In/Out/Thru; USB-B port; dimensions (WxDxH): 578 x 231 x 40mm; weight: 1.12kg; included: external power supply (12V DC, 1A); USB cable, MiniFreak V software (download)